Salsa Lady Styling Basic Course


Discover and learn the fundamental steps, arm movements, turns, and little moves. Elevate your style from scratch. Join now!

¿What am I going to learn?

Hone your essential On1 Salsa technique, mastering your steps and optimizing your foot positioning.

Infuse fluidity and elegance into your dance through mastery of body movement.

Engage in practical exercises that allow you to apply what you’ve learned effectively.

Explore the technique of turns applied to Salsa, unlocking new possibilities in your dance.

Blend arm basics, turns, and little moves to create impactful sequences.

Apply body movement to basic Salsa steps, taking your feminine style to the next level.

Develop the ability to create and apply your own body movements within the context of Salsa.

This course will guide you step by step towards mastery, equipping you with the necessary skills to shine on the dance floor and express your unique style in every movement. Transform your dance with us!

About the Course

Welcome to the specially designed course for beginners and dancers looking to refine their technique in Ladies’ Style Salsa!

In this online course, you will delve into the fundamentals: from the initial steps to executing clean and elegant footwork, providing you with essential fluidity in your dance.

Through practical exercises and exciting combinations, you’ll learn to execute movements and create your own sequences in Salsa Lady Style. Gain a solid understanding of the technique behind each step, elevating your dance skills.

This course will help you stand out on the dance floor, express yourself with confidence and grace in Salsa. Develop the skills to dance freely with assurance and overcome any fears on the dance floor.

Upon completion, you’ll feel secure, enjoying your body, and expressing yourself effortlessly in Salsa. Remember, success requires practice, so smile and breathe!

Join us and transform your dance floor experience. Start your journey today!




Material Included

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You do not need prior knowledge of Salsa


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