Dominican Bachata Course Medium Level 

Tradicional Bachata Lady Style Course

Learn the intermediate level structures and steps, hip movements and footwork to take your Traditional Bachata style to the next level.

¬Ņ What am I going to learn?

‚úĒ Structures and Basic Steps of the Dominican Bachata of Intermediate Level

‚úĒ Dexterity and control of your feet, with faster steps.

‚úĒ New hip movements.

‚úĒ More elaborate twists on traditional bachata.

‚úĒ Creation of combinations of steps and movements.

‚úĒ Footwork, variations and how to create your own little steps.

About the Course

In this course we work with more basic Bachata structures, and new variations of them.

I will teach you my tricks to create your own Dominican Bachata steps, joining body movement and footwork to our basic structures.

You will learn new steps, turns and combinations to take your Traditional style to the next level.

In this course we will focus on the control of our steps. Size, speed, distribution of our weight when executing them.

At the end of this course you will be able to execute a more organized and natural dance. You will also see your improvisation capacity grow by having more resources to enjoy your dance.

Remember that to complete this course successfully, you need to do the exercises and dedicate time to practice appropriate to the difficulty of each step.


Tradicional Bachata Lady Style Course

Material Incluided

‚úĒ 15 Lessons

‚úĒ 3 Sequences

‚úĒ Bonus clases

‚úĒ¬† Content updates




‚úĒ It is recommended to have completed the Dominican Bachata Course Vol. 1

‚úĒ It is recommended to have completed the Back to Basics Course

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Certify what you learned

Upon completion of your courses you can request your certificate of completion.

* To activate your certification you must complete all the lessons and request the exam at an additional cost.