Back to Basics Bachata Lady Styling Course

Bachata Lady Styling Begginers Course

Learn, practice and master the basic structures and steps of Bachata. Hip movement and footwork to take your Bachata Lady Style to the next level.

What am I going to learn?

Structures and Basic Steps of Bachata                  

Mastery and control of your feet.

Basic hip movements.

First Bachata turns..

Basic arm movements to improve your style.

Body movement applied to the basic steps of Bachata.

Basic special movements of the head, which we use in female style Bachata.


About the Course

In this course you will learn to dance Bachata feminine style from scratch.

We will start from the basic structures of Bachata to movements of the arms, hips, footwork and head turns; applied to the feminine style.

This course was born thanks to the large number of girls who want to enjoy this dance, but need to work and understand it from the beginning.

You will learn to loosen the hips, have confidence when you turn and perform footwork with ease.

At the end of this course you will be able to understand the dance, master the basic structures and execute a natural and fun dance.

Remember that to complete this course successfully, it is necessary that you perform the exercises and dedicate time to practice appropriate to the difficulty of each step.

Bachata Lady Styling Begginers Course

Incluided Material

16 Lessons

5 Hours and 30 min of Classes

Bonus clases

✔  Content Updates

6  Modules


✔  You don`t need previous knowledge of Bachata Lady Styling

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Certify what you learned

Upon completing your courses you will receive a certificate of achievement have additional cost

*To activate your certification you must complete all the lessons and request the exam at an additional cost.