Curso Bachata Lady Ondas y Disociación Corporal.

Bachata Course Female Style Waves and Body Isolation for Bachata Lady Style Sensual

“Discover the elegance and technique behind body movement in Bachata Lady Style.

¿ What am I going to learn?

Essential Body Dissociation Technique             

Mastery and control of your body movement.

Bring fluidity to your dance thanks to the Body movement

Practical exercises to apply what has been learned

Essential wave movements

Body movement applied to the basic steps of Bachata.

Create your own body movements and apply them in Bachata feminine style.


About the Course

This course is designed for both beginners and dancers looking to refine their technique in body dissociation and wave-like movements.

You will learn the secrets of dissociation, how to create smooth and fluid waves in your dance, and how to apply these movements with grace and style in Bachata.

Through practical exercises and exciting choreographies, you will learn to execute the movements and create your own combinations.

Gain a solid understanding of the technique behind each movement, how to apply it to your Lady Style, and elevate your dancing skills.

This course will help you stand out on the dance floor and express yourself with confidence and grace in Bachata!

Upon completing this course, you will be able to understand each movement and enjoy your body while expressing yourself using body dissociation with your favorite Bachata songs.

Moving and executing waves will become natural and fun.

Remember that to successfully complete this course, it’s necessary to do the exercises and dedicate time to practice, adapting to the difficulty of each step. Smile and BREATHE!”



Bachata Course Female Style Waves and Body Isolation for Bachata Lady Style Sensual

Material Incluided

 14 Lessons

Bonus clases Coming Soon

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It is recommended to have completed the Back to Basics Course.


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